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Herbs and aromas. Oils and massages. Breath and balance. Therapists and you. Drawing on centuries old science of Ayurveda, awaken your senses, invigorate your soul, watch your skin glow.

The various Facial treatments available -


Complete Blliis

60 minutes

Organic active ingredients are custom-blended, based on a personal dosha assessment, for intensive exfoliation, nutrient infusion and a renewed moisture balance; our pressure point stimulation for the face and scalp along with lymphatic stimulation completes the experience, creating healthy, radiant skin.

2650/ book now
Signature Facial

60 minutes

Breathe new life into dry or stressed skin with this deeply nourishing, intensely hydrating facial. Our own Omega 3+ complex uses naturally active ingredients to restore skin's lost lipids...softening, renewing and awakening your natural glow.

3420/ book now
Blliis for Men

60 minutes

A targeted face, eye and neck treatment for the unique needs of a man's skin - using the healing power of neem keeps skin fit with a nutrient infusion and intense enzyme exfoliation; firms, smooths and energizes; leaves skin cleansed, hydrated and fresh.

3420/ book now
Express Brightening

30 minutes

Our Express brightening facial pertain deep-cleansing and skin rejuvenation techniques by usage of exfoliation, skin rehydration, skin-nourishment and de-stressing of muscles by application of optimum massages. This facial leaves your skin, healthy, happy, bright and nourished.

1980/ book now
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