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Omega3 Body Polish

30 minutes

Omega3 infused nourishing and exfoliating treatment. Dissolves stress. Moisturizes skin. Gives it a smooth, silky glow.

3050/ book now
Anti-Cellulite Body Brush Treatment

3 hours

A warm oil massage, a brightening walnut scrub exfoliation and a peptide infused skin-firming body mask. For a refreshed and toned you.

8050/ book now


Abhyanga Massage

60 minutes

Abhyanga massage is to stimulate the flow of 'prana' (the life force that lulls the body into a deep state of relaxation).

5460/ book now
Shirodhara Massage

60 minutes

Pouring of a warm stream of oil onto the forehead. Changes the life balance, awakens the third eye chakra, creates a total sense of well being followed by a full body massage.

3300/ book now
Shiro Abhyanga Massage

30 minutes

Therapeutic massage techniques are concentrated on specific problem areas. Relieves stress and strain.

1900/ book now
Blliis Signature Treatment

120 minutes

Includes a signature back massage, a full body exfoliation, a body mask and scalp treatment. Nourishes you with essential Omega3 fatty acids. Leaves you rejuvenated and renewed.

6000/ book now
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