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Blliis is the first organic salon and spa with a holistic approach to beauty, wellness and hair-care services. Blliis provides these services with compliance to international standards.

Hair spa and salon treatment has become quintessential for everyone.

Our hair spa and salon treatment takes care of your 360 degrees hair management needs. Our hair-care services are unassailably available to men and women clientele.

Blliis hair-care services -

  • Hair cuts - Woman / Men
    Blliis has trained professional hair stylists to provide you all kinds of hair-cuts and solutions. We also have international hair stylists of repute who are well versed in international techniques and avant-garde styling. Our creative hair stylists often serve as mentors and guides to the budding hair-designers and artists.
  • Looking for sassy, elegant or just plain fabulous hair-ups, our hair-stylists are well-equipped to take on all kinds of hair-up challenges and aid you to get that formal, party or casual look.
  • Hair coloring and highlighting - Woman / Men
    Blliis offers wide range of hair-colouring and highlight solutions with permanent and non-permanent preferences. Blliis is a pioneer in the arena of introducing Simply-Organic Hair color that replaces ammonia and other harmful toxic materials with soya oil to gently open the hair cuticles while hair colouring. Our salon professionals take care that your hair gets revitalised and strengthened during these sessions.
  • The hair treatment solutions provided by Blliis live up to its promise every time. Our hair-care, instant booster and other hair treatments aid in replenishing and nourishing your hair. We live up to our tall claims and our products not only deliver lustrous beautiful hair but also protects against UV rays and external damages.
  • We provide all kinds of hair extensions for our clients. These extensions are 100% human hair and are available in various trendy- shades. You also get a gamut of choices to suit your taste, hair-color, cut and shape.
    We provide a few choices like-
    Balamin Systeme Hair Extension -It is a new salon service providing long lasting volume to your hair.
    Fill in extensions -Balmain hair fill- in extension is an innovative method of adding volume, colour, structure and length of your natural hair using a Keratin bond fill-in.
    Doubal Hair -Is an innovative way to add volume, colour, or length to your own hair. The application can be done with keratin bonds, micro rings and clips.