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Be prepared to be amazed. Witness your hair undergoing a dramatic transformation as our rituals leave your hair feeling nourished, strengthened and renewed. True to its tall claims, the product delivers not only lustrous, beautiful hair but also safeguards against UV and external damage.

Instant Booster Dose Per Ampule
rupees1500 onwards
Express Ritual (30 Minutes)
rupees3000 onwards
Experience Ritual (1 Hour)
rupees4000 onwards
Chronologist (1Hour)
rupees4500 onwards
Morpho - Kerating (VIP Ritual)
rupees5000 onwards
*Prices will vary according to length and texture of hair.
Rene Furterer
rupees 3000onwards
rupees 4000onwards
Olaplex - Insurance for Hair
Olaplex is Pivotal Treatment
Hair Colour Service
rupees2130 onwards
Olaplex Hair Treatment
rupees3290 onwards
Head massages ( Hair Wash Inclusive )
(Moroccan oil, Sundari, Almond)Ladies
rupees1750 onwards
(Moroccan oil, Sundari, Almond)Men's
rupees1500 onwards
*all prices are exclusive of taxes