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Aromatherapy massage uses aromatic plant oils including essential oils and other aromatic compounds for relaxation.

At Blliis, our specialists provide treatments as below

Intensive Muscle Release

60 minutes

This is an intensive massage that works deeply on tight, aching, muscles, releasing all pain and tension. This works on your deep tissue and brings you the much sought after relief.

3500/ book now
Detoxifying Body Treatment

60 minutes

This is a toning and slimming treatment to define the body contours and eliminate the excess body fluids, for a slimmer silhouette and smoother skin this treatment works wonders.

5315/ book now
Intraceuticical Facial

60 minutes

This treatment constitutes rejuvenation and relaxation and is suitable for all skin types. To look and feel rejuvenated, this facial is an ideal one. In just one soothing treatment, your skin looks and feels years younger.

5000/ book now
*all prices are exclusive of taxes
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