studio:Vanquish fat reduction

Vanquish is one of the latest state of the art innovative concept launched at Blliis by Ravissant for non- invasive aesthetic system for painless fat reduction. This body contouring system is specifically designed to target the problematic areas. The fat reduction procedure eliminates unwanted fat by destroying fat cells altogether. Not only is the treatment efficient but also non-painful. If you dread going through the slimming down process, then this pain less fat reduction treatment is for you. Vanquish can help you eliminate fat from your body without facing any side-effects. Also there is no specific downtime for the treatment.

The treatment ideally heats the fat using radio frequency - specially tuned electricity with a customised applicator to target fat without having a negative impact on surrounding tissues. The Vanquish system is capable of covering larger section for painless fat reduction treatment and hence is one of the most opted treatments by the people in the west.

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