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Sundari Skin and Body Rituals


Blliis Facial always rejuvenates the skin, relaxes and reenergises you. It deep-cleanses and eliminates the dead-cells. Our Facial treatment utilizes herbs, aroma oils, and specialised massage techniques to awaken and invigorate your skin to make it glow. We use internationally certified Sundari products with the aim to brighten, firm and replenish your skin.

The various Facial treatments available-

Complete Bliss

60 minutes

Complete Blliis Facial uses organic active ingredients and custom-blends. It is based upon your personal dosha assessment for intensive exfoliation, nutrient infusion and a renewed moisture balance. Our pressure points stimulation on your face and scalp along with the lymphatic stimulation completes the experience creating a healthy and radiant skin for you.

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Signature Facial

60 minutes

Our Blliis Signature facial applies a deep-nourishing and intensely- hydrating technique that renders your skin glowing and radiant. This facial eradicates dryness and breathes new life into stressed skin. Our own Omega 3+ complex uses naturally active ingredients to restore skins lost lipids and glow. Signature softens, renews and awakens your natural glow.

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Blliis for Men

60 minutes

This facial treatment is ideal for men as it is targeted at the face, eye and neck regions of our body and infused with intense enzyme exfoliation which soothes, nourishes, and de-stresses the taut skin and re-energises it. This facial draws upon the goodness of Neem to cleanse, re-hydrate and leaves the skin fresh and pampered.

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Express Brightening

30 minutes

Our Express brightening Facial pertain deep-cleansing and skin rejuvenation techniques by usage of exfoliation, skin rehydration, skin-nourishment and de-stressing of muscles by application of optimum massages. This facial leaves your skin, healthy, happy, bright and nourished.

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Aromatherapy Facials


Aromatherapy Facials work at a cellular level from head to toe. It dissolves stress, obliterating tension. Aromatherapy Facials keeps your complexion soft and youthful. First of all the client has a consultation with our Aromatherapy experts to highlight the physical and the emotional requirement. Then a smell test is conducted to choose from a dozen therapeutic plant and flowers, before the expert hands of the therapist deftly stimulate the skin and the nervous system.

Ultimate Blliis Facial

60 minutes

This Facial applies a combination of essential oils with Eastern and Western massage techniques to improve circulation, lymph flow and skin oxygenation. It also detoxifies the skin, nourishing its deepest layers, that leaves you feeling rejuvenated.

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Age Defying Firming Facial

60 minutes

This is an intensive treatment for aging skin including a unique dual layering of intensive masks with specific lifting, plumping and firming massages. This facial delivers visible results in a short period of time.

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Skin Solution Facial

60 minutes

This is one of the customized facials designed to suit individual skin problems and needs. This applies a combination of the finest pure essential oils and plant extracts and applied with specifically designed massage techniques to restore and revitalize the skin, resulting it to be luminous and soft.

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Beautiful eyes

30 minutes

This constitutes a specialized massage technique to improve the blood circulation and lymph drainage while natural oils and plant-extracts make the eyes fresh, bright and youthful. Say ‘Hello’ to mornings and goodbye to puffy eyes with this treatment.

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