Spa : Exfoliation
Body Polish

30 minutes

Omega3 infused nourishing and exfoliating treatment. Dissolves stress. Moisturizes skins. Gives it a smooth, silky glow.

3500/ book now
Anti Cellulite Body Brush Treatment

3 Hours

A warm oil massage, a brightening walnut scrub exfoliation and a peptide infused skin-firming body mask. For a refreshed and toned you.

8050/ book now
Prefect Back Shine

30 minutes

Designed for backs prone to blemishes and oiliness this treatment restores skin leaving it smooth, glowing and flawless.

4460/ book now
Organic Body Ritual

90 minutes

An exquisite nourishing and protective ritual with organic, all-natural production, offering the perfect treatment for all skins, even the most sensitive skin. The Ritual begin with a renewing body gommage to deeply exfoliate and revitalize the skin, and concluding in a luxurious, embracing body massage.

6000/ book now
Volcanic Body Scrub

60 minutes

A unique renewing and revitalizing body scrub for smooth, soft skin, enhanced with your chosen essential oil blend, ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin. Each journey begins with your choice of essential oil blend: Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian and Arabian.

5750/ book now
Body Strategist Firming Treatment:

120 minutes

It gives an immediate sensation of lightness. Suitable for all types of imperfections of cellulite, ideal to begin remodeling treatment cycles.

8000/ book now
Blliis Signature Treatment:

120 minutes

Includes a signature back massage, a full body exfoliation, a body mask and scalp treatment. Nourishes you with essential Omega3 fatty acids. Leaves you rejuvenated and renewed.

6000/ book now
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