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The various Facial treatments available -


Complete Blliis

60 minutes

Highly recommended for any concern with Hyper Pigmentation, Dark sport and uneven skin tone.

4000/ book now
Rebalancing Treatment

60 minutes

This Treatment is ideal for both oily and Depleted Impure skins as well as those are more Delicate

3500/ book now
Deep Hydrating Treatment

60 minutes

Breathe new life in difficult weather conditions, during and after Air Travel.

3500/ book now
Express Brightening

30 minutes

Our Express brightening facial pertain deep-cleansing and skin rejuvenation techniques by usage of exfoliation, skin rehydration, skin-nourishment and de-stressing of muscles by application of optimum massages. This facial leaves your skin, healthy, happy, bright and nourished.

2280/ book now
Anti age Lifting Treatment

60 minutes

An Exceptional Formulation for immediately visible lifting effects, exceptional results due to an immediate improvement of skin elasticity for an amazingly younger looking skin.

5500/ book now
Blliis Signature Deluxe Facial

75 Minutes

An Extraordinary lifting mask and deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid, along with an intensive AHA peel will leave your skin absolutely glowing and beautiful. Reduce the wrinkle lines effectively.

6500/ book now
Sacred nature Organic Nourishing Treatment

60 minutes

Detoxifying, Nourishing and protecting pleasant and embracing ritual. For all skin type, including even the most sensitive skin.

4300/ book now


Volcanic Body Scrub

90 Minutes

A unique renewing and revitalizing body scrub for smooth, soft skin, enhanced with your chosen essential oil blend, ensuring nourishment and radiance for your skin. Each journey begins with your choice of essential oil blend: Oriental, Mediterranean, Indian, and Arabian.

5000/ book now


Sacred nature Organic Body Ritual

90 Minutes

An exquisite nourishing and protective ritual with organic, all – natural products, offering the perfect treatment for all skins, even the most sensitive skins. The Ritual begins with a renewing body gommage to deeply exfoliate and revitalize the skin, and concluding in a luxurious, embracing body massage.

5500/ book now
Blliis Signature Massage

60 Minutes

The Massage ritual that takes you on a journey through four distinct worlds: the exotic orient, The warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India, and the ancient cultures of desert tribes, For sensorial experience.

3500/ book now
Body Strategist Firming Treatment

90 Minutes

It gives an immediate sensation of lightness. Suitable for all types of imperfections of cellulite, ideal to begin remodeling treatment cycles.

8000/ book now
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