La Opera Cafe

Blliis also houses La Opera -a French patisserie and boulangire that serves beverages and light refreshments made out of fresh ingredients and whole grains.

La Opera is an authentic pastry and bakery house specializing in French patisserie products. The bakery items they dish up are Macaroons, cakes, ├ęclairs, pastries, freshly baked out-of-oven breads, croissants, tea-cakes, sandwiches, quiches, biscuits and other assortments. La Opera adheres to the international standards of food and beverage guidelines and only uses certified agro-products. La Opera also employs authentic French Chefs who create exquisite and unique mouth-watering bakery products that are of high temptation for everyone!

So if you are in the mood to munch a light snack, La Opera does serve up a variety of collection for you.