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Herbs and aromas. Oils and massages. Breath and balance. Therapists and you. Drawing on centuries old science of Ayurveda, awaken your senses, invigorate your soul, watch your skin glow.
Wherever our Ayurvedic therapies are available, we also have a clinical nutritionist who can customize a diet plan for you

Abhyanga Massage

60 minutes

Abhyanga massage is to stimulate the flow of 'prana' (the life force that lulls the body into a deep state of relaxation).

6000/ book now
Shirodhara Massage

60 minutes

Pouring of a warm stream of oil onto the forehead. Changes the life balance, awakens the third eye chakra, creates a total sense of well being followed by a full body massage.

4500/ book now
Shiro Abhyanga Massage

30 minutes

Therapeutic massage techniques are concentrated on specific problem areas. Relieves stress and strain.

1900/ book now
Blliis Signature Treatment

120 minutes

Includes a signature back massage, a full body exfoliation, a body mask and scalp treatment. Nourishes you with essential Omega3 fatty acids. Leaves you rejuvenated and renewed.

6000/ book now
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