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Aromatherapy massage uses aromatic plant oils including essential oils and other aromatic compounds for relaxation.

At Blliis, our specialists provide treatments as below

Aromatherapy Associates

Aromatherapy Facials work at a cellular level from head to toe. It dissolves stress, obliterating tension. Aromatherapy Facials keeps your complexion soft and youthful. First of all the client has a consultation with our Aromatherapy experts to highlight the physical and the emotional requirement. Then a smell test is conducted to choose from a dozen therapeutic plant and flowers, before the expert hands of the therapist deftly stimulate the skin and the nervous system.

Aromatherapy Facials
Express and Glow Facial

Achieve instant, long lasting results that noticeably lift, tone and firm the skin, leaving you with a flawless, healthy and younger looking complexion.

The Rose Infinity facial harnesses the most advanced natural ingredients to reveal younger looking skin and a radiant complexion

6500/ book now
The Ultimate Aromatherapy Facial

A bespoke facial, designed to suit your individual skin needs. A combination of the finest pure essential oils and plant extracts are applied with specifically designed massage techniques, to restore and recondition the skin, leaving the complexion smooth and luminous.

7000/ book now
Age Repair Facial

An intensive treatment for ageing skin, including a unique dual layering of intensive masks, with specific lifting, plumping and firming massage. Delivers instantly visible results.

7000/ book now
Face Cleanup Express Brightening

Our Express brightening Facial pertain deep-cleansing and skin rejuvenation techniques by usage of exfoliation, skin rehydration, skin-nourishment and de-stressing of muscles by application of optimum massages. This facial leaves your skin, healthy, happy, bright and nourished.

4000/ book now
Skin Solutions / Deep Cleanse

An intensive treatment that incorporates steaming, extraction and hot towel compresses, alongside facial massage and a freshwater mud mask, leaving a super clean and fresh skin. This treatment regulates problem skin, leaving the complexion instantly bright and radiant.

6000/ book now
Clarins Treatments
Anti Aging

60 Minutes

A youth recovery treatment that delivers exceptional skin toning and firming benefits to help diminish the visible appearance of line. The skin is instant lifted.

7000/ book now
Brightening Treatment

60 minutes

A brightening treatment for a flawless eve complexion without spots. Essential to restore the fresh looking rosy transparency of youth looking skin. It revives skin radiance and brightness and crystalline translucency.

6500/ book now
Hydrating Treatment

60 minutes

A rehydrating treatment to supply immense moisture to dehydrated skin. Nourishes and softens skin to revive and restore radiance.

6500/ book now
Purifying Treatment

60 minutes

A soothing treatment instantly soothes, purify the skin & gently yet effectively ensures the moisture balance of the skin where needed, while effectively reducing shine.

6500/ book now
Eye Treatment

60 minutes

A com anti-ageing treatment for visibly more youthful-looking eyes and an enhanced eye area form temple to temple reduces puffiness & dark circles, soften fine lines, wrinkles, crow feet & pigmentation & gives boost to rejuvenations.

6500/ book now
Thalgo Skin

The internationally recognized brand is able to craft high quality products enriched with a number of minerals, wit and simply unavailable on land.

Source Marine Facial

60 minutes

A moisture boosting delight for all skin types but particularly dehydrated. After a relaxing welcome massage, your skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. A deeply hydrating serum is applied, after which a moisturizing mask, an application of hydra marine 24h gel cream completes the treatment and leaves the skin rehydrate.

5500/ book now
Thalgo Brightening Rejuvenating

75 minutes

Thalgo’s high performance anti – pigmentation and Rejuvenating facial effectively reduces pigmentation marks and age spots, for a flawless complexion. The result is a brighter, plumped and perfectly clear complexion.

6000/ book now
Collagene Smooth Treatment

60 minutes

Give your skin a Collagen boost correct the signs of ageing as they appear. This facial designed for first wrinkles, with instant anti-ageing results. The collagen mask smoothes fine lines and has a plumping effect. While the mask takes effect, you will enjoy a relaxing hand arm massage. After the treatment your skin will be radiant.

5500/ book now
Intensive Eye Treatment

30 minutes

The ultra relaxing treatment begins with a cleansing and gentle massage of the eye area using a specific eye concentrate. The appropriate eye products are than used around the eye contour area to reduce puffiness and dark circles and to gently smooth out any lines or wrinkles.

2750/ book now
Silicium Super-Lift Treatment

75 minutes

Dare to defy time with this super lift facial, designed to combat all the signs of ageing at 45+ (loss of firmness, pronounce wrinkles). Relax and let yourself be immersed in an aquatic cocoon during the Thalgo cleansing ritual, adapted to your skin type, Next, your skin is intensely exfoliated and smoothed to optimise the penetration of the anti-aging ingrents. An expert and anti-aging massage lifts the features, before a super lifting mask is applied to fill deeper wrinkles and lift and contour the face & neck. After just one treatment you will already look five years younger. Your complexion will glow, lines will be less noticeable, and your skin firmer.

6000/ book now
Thalgo 3 Algae Face Cleanup

50 minutes

Experience a true marine beauty treat with this signature algae facial, suitable for all skin types. Following a relaxing welcome massage, the skin is gently cleansed and exfoliated. A mask of pure natural seaweed, known for its beauty-enhancing property, is then applied to remineralize and revitalize the skin. Thalgo’s heart of the ocean massage with movements which recreate the rhythmic motions of the sea relaxes the facial muscles and relives tension before and application of serum and moisturizer appropriate for your skin type complete the treatment, leaving your complexion soft, radiant and beautiful.

3500/ book now
Antiage Global Lift Line

The first global face lift range to restore the youthful facial contours. Oval Shape .Neck .Cheekbones Inspired by the latest and most revolutionary anti-age, Anti-Senescence Maker Therapies. A new way of understanding cosmetic face lift treatments from deep inside the cells.

7000/ book now
Aquatherm Line

Cosmetic range for facial care formulated with thermal water sourced from Salies-de-Bearn (French Pyrenees) to respond to the problems of sensitive and reactive skins that cannot be treated with traditional cosmetic products. Reinforces the barrier layer. Diminishes the sensitivity threshold, Restores the ecological balance in the skin.

4500/ book now
Corrective Line

Following intense research into surgical cosmetics, efficiency, design and texture have been carefully studied to create this unique treatment for your skin, and provide exceptional care and comfort.

Fill-in techniques and the application substances can relax the skin's micro-contractures; an intense smoothing effect is produced on the deepest wrinkles. As a result, these wrinkles disappear gradually and naturally after the first few sessions.

5500/ book now
Power C+ Line

Intensive "light effect" treatment POWER C+ is the most powerful anti-oxidant ever created to get rid of photo-ageing, hyper-pigmentation, tanned, dull and dry skin. It contains the highest concentration of vitamin C (21%) in absorbable and non-toxic from to give relentless anti-oxidant activity.

5500/ book now
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