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Aromatherapy massage uses aromatic plant oils including essential oils and other aromatic compounds for relaxation.

At Blliis, our specialists provide treatments as below


Ultimate Blliis Facial

60 minutes

A combination of essential oils with Eastern and Western massage techniques to improve circulation, lymph flow and skin oxygenation. Detoxifies the skin, nourishing its deepest layers. Ideal to clear skin, smooth away wrinkles or just maintain an even complexion. An age-old wisdom, a brand new you.

3850/ book now
Age Defying Firming Facial

60 minutes

An intensive treatment for aging skin including a unique dual layering of intensive masks with specific lifting, plumping and firming massage. Delivers instantly visible results.

5040/ book now
Skin Solution Facial

60 minutes

Customized facials designed to suit individual skin problems and needs. A combination of the finest pure essential oils and plant extracts are applied with specifically designed massage techniques to restore and revitalize skin, leaving the complexion smooth and luminous.

4325/ book now
Beautiful Eyes

30 minutes

Specialized massage techniques improve blood circulation and lymph drainage while natural oils and extracts make the eyes fresh, bright and youthful. Hello mornings, goodbye puffy eyes.

1870/ book now


Perfect Back Shine

30 minutes

Designed for backs prone to blemishes and oiliness this treatment restores skin leaving it smooth, glowing and flawless.

3530/ book now
Rose Hydrator

30 minutes

This intensely hydrating treatment includes the layering of rich rose serum oil and cream. For a radiant, soft and smooth body. And a bright and uplifted spirit.

3770/ book now


Intensive Muscle Release

60 minutes

An intensive massage that works deeply on tight, aching, muscles, releasing all pain and tension.

3500/ book now
Detoxifying Body Treatment

60 minutes

A toning and slimming treatment to define the body contours and eliminate excess body fluids, for a slimmer silhouette and smoother skin.

5315/ book now
Intraceutical Facial

1 Hours

A rejuvenate infusion is soothing and relaxing and suitable for all skin type. In just one soothing treatment, your skin will look and feel years younger. Look Good, Feel Good, Right now.

5000/ book now
*all prices are exclusive of taxes
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